The COVID-19 situation seems to be settling down for the time being. Due to this we intend to start our regular training schedule on 3.5.2021.

Whenever weather permits, practise takes place outside next to the salle. If weather does not allow for outdoors practise, practise will take place indoors. Inside we use face masks.

Remember to pay your yearly SHMS membership fees, and purchase an applicable training card from MyClub.

Be ready to train outdoors, dress appropriately for the weather and bring a drinking bottle.

You are not permitted to participate in practice if you exhibit any signs of illness. When you arrive to practise, wash your hands and use hand disinfectant. Also remember to apply social distancing.

In order for practise to take place in a health-conscious fashion, we will apply the following during practise:

  • Wrestling, dagger, locks and any other close-quarters techniques are forbidden for now.
  • For now, there will be no sparring during practise.