COVID-19 Announce­ment

The Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te of Health and Wel­fa­re with Fin­nish Govern­ment has miti­ga­ted outs­tan­ding gui­dance on the COVID-19 pan­de­mic. Based on this miti­ga­tion effort by the Fin­nish Govern­ment, the Associa­tion stee­ring com­mit­tee has deci­ded to miti­ga­te cur­rent Covid-19 prac­tices.

As such, ear­lier syl­la­bus restric­tions are ope­ned to also cover dag­ger figh­ting. Limi­ta­tions on Wrest­ling remain in use. Simi­lar­ly spar­ring is per­mit­ted, in doors, on mon­days (inter­me­dia­te clas­ses) and our spar­ring event, the FKFC, with the caveat on each par­tici­pant accep­ting the risks of Covid-19 qua­ran­ti­ne.   

Class lea­ders are encou­ra­ged to seek exerci­ses whe­re wrest­ling is not nee­ded, as wrest­ling remains pro­hi­bi­ted. Stee­ring com­mit­tee con­si­ders the associa­tion syl­la­bus to con­tain suf­ficient mate­rial for dag­ger tech­niques wit­hout wrest­ling to crea­te enga­ging exerci­ses. 

Puheen­joh­ta­ja / Chair of the Board,

-Mat­ti Lepo­mä­ki