The COVID-19 situa­tion seems to be sett­ling down for the time being. Due to this we intend to start our regu­lar trai­ning sche­du­le on 3.5.2021.

Whe­ne­ver weat­her per­mits, prac­ti­se takes place out­si­de next to the sal­le. If weat­her does not allow for out­doors prac­ti­se, prac­ti­se will take place indoors. Insi­de we use face masks.

Remem­ber to pay your year­ly SHMS mem­bers­hip fees, and purc­ha­se an applicable trai­ning card from MyClub.

Be rea­dy to train out­doors, dress appropria­te­ly for the weat­her and bring a drin­king bottle.

You are not per­mit­ted to par­tici­pa­te in prac­tice if you exhi­bit any signs of ill­ness. When you arri­ve to prac­ti­se, wash your hands and use hand disin­fec­tant. Also remem­ber to apply social distancing.

In order for prac­ti­se to take place in a health-conscious fas­hion, we will apply the fol­lowing during practise:

  • Wrest­ling, dag­ger, locks and any other clo­se-quar­ters tech­niques are for­bid­den for now.
  • For now, the­re will be no spar­ring during practise.