Monday classes

Monday class 18:00-19:90 will be open for all Freefencer level students. There will be no formal teaching, it is rather a study group for advanced students of all arts where we train as a group according to wishes, needs and ideas of participants.

Since there is no forman teacher on mondays, participants need to sign up for the class in advance, sunday 16:00 at the latest. This way we can make sure that there will be someone to open Salle doors. If no-one signs up in advance, there is a possibility that doors stay closed.

To join Monday class, you have to meet some requirements:

  • You have participated in preparing for freeplay class or seminar*.
  • You can read your manual sufficiently to support your training.
  • You can express your wishes for the class and an idea how to train it.
  • You can execute your idea safely and in a way that is beneficial to all.

*Prep for freeplay is fiore Tuesday schedule class 8, so it repeats every 8  weeks. It covers basics of safe free fencing and enables safe freefencing with suitable intensity and kit. Alternatively you can ask class leader if you have enough experience in free fencing so you are allowed to skip this class.