Beginners’ courses spring 2023

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Suomen Historiallisen Miekkailun Seura offers basic courses in historical fencing between 28 February and 9 April 2023.

Teaching is in finnish or english depending on needs of participants.

We offer beginner courses in Longsword, Rapier, Sabre and Sword & Buckler

The fee allows you to join all classes. You can join the classes even if you miss first week. If you want to start after the second week, please contact SHMS via email.

Longsword beginners course on Tuesdays 18:00-19:30
Longsword course teaches Italian longsword- and dagger fighting basics, as Fiore dei Liberi demonstrates in his book: Il Fiore De Battaglia (1410).

Rapier beginners course on on Wednesdays 18:00-19:30.
On Rapier Beginner’s Course you will learn the basics of Italian Rapier according to Grand Simulacra, written by Ridofo Capo Ferro in 1610.

Sabre beginners course on Thursdays 19:30-20:30.
On the beginners’ course you will learn the basics of military sabre according to Charles Roworth’s The Art of Defence on Foot with Broad Sword and Sabre (1804).

Sword and Buckler beginners’ course on Sundays 12:00-14:00.
Sword and Buckler beginners’ course teaches the basics of fighting with sword and buckler. This includes basic stances, footwork, attacking and defending with side sword and buckler. The course includes drills from Royal Armory Manuscript I.33 (c.a. 1300 – 1320) and will prepare students to progress into sparring and freeplay.

Limited spots available, so sign up in time.

After signing up, course invoice it sent to your email. Due date 20 February. If you have to cancel your participation, please contact SHMS before due date. After due date participation and invoice can be cancelled only in special cases.

If you have to drop out due sickness, paid course fees are valid for next beginners courses.

You will need out/indoor sports attire and it is advisable to have a water bottle. We’ll provide all other necessary equipment. Classes are in Finnish or English, depending on participants needs.
If myclub asks what groups to join, select “Suomen Historiallisen Miekkailun Seura SHMS ry” and “Alkeiskurssi kevät 2023”

Luiskatie 8, Helsinki. Entrance is behind the building. Price includes SHMS membership fee for 2023

Concession price for students and unemployed.