Longsword seminaari 28.11.2020

Fio­re longsword basics -semi­nar sat 28 Novem­ber 2020 11:00-15:00. Semi­nar covers the very basics of safe longsword trai­ning. After semi­nar you can attend our regu­lar Fio­re classes.

Sing up by email info@miekkakoulu.fi. Limi­ted spots available.

Semi­nar price 20€ (free if you have paid shms mem­bers­hip fee 2020)


COVID-19 Announce­ment

The aggra­va­ted COVID-19 situa­tion con­ti­nues. The Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te of Health and Wel­fa­re with Fin­nish Govern­ment has main­tai­ned tigh­te­ned gui­de­li­nes on the COVID-19 pan­de­mic and recom­men­da­tion to halt all com­bat- and team sports in city owned spaces remains active. 

The stee­ring com­mit­tee has elec­ted to stop all associa­tion rela­ted acti­vi­ties wit­hin the sal­le. Les­sons are cancel­led until 6.1.2021, but the associa­tion per­mits invi­te-only small group exerci­ses after 18.12.2020. All spar­ring acti­vi­ties wit­hin small groups are pro­hi­bi­ted. The associa­tion What­sapp chan­nel is expan­ded to cover the cur­rent stu­dent body.

Puheen­joh­ta­ja / Chair of the Board,
-Mat­ti Lepomäki
-Ras­mus Saloranta