COVID-19 Announce­ment

The aggra­va­ted COVID-19 situa­tion has deman­ded the Association’s Stee­ring com­mit­tee to take action. The Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te of Health and Wel­fa­re with Fin­nish Govern­ment has tigh­te­ned the  outs­tan­ding gui­dance on the COVID-19 pan­de­mic and recom­men­da­tion is to halt all com­bat- and team sports in city owned spaces for a pre­de­ter­mi­ned period of time. 

The stee­ring com­mit­tee has elec­ted to limit tech­niques uti­lized during exerci­se.  Our les­sons shall car­ry on nor­mal­ly, but all clo­se ran­ge tech­niques and spar­ring are pro­hi­bi­ted for a period of three weeks, star­ting 23.11.2020 (until 13.12.2020). 

The Stee­ring Com­mit­tee now reminds all stu­dents of the neces­si­ty to miss out on clas­ses, with the sligh­test of symp­toms, and get tested.

Simi­lar­ly, we ask you to stay home, if a mem­ber of your house­hold has been tes­ted and is wai­ting for results, or demon­stra­tes any symp­toms that may be rela­ted to COVID-19. This vigi­lance per­mits us to remain open for the time being.

Mat­ti Lepo­mä­ki, Chair of Board