COVID-19 Announce­ment

The Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te of health and wel­fa­re has upda­ted their gui­dance on COVID-19 pan­de­mic. Based on the upda­ted sta­te­ment, the Govern­ment of Fin­land has upda­ted their restric­tion gui­de­li­nes, per­mit­ting gat­he­rings of up to 50 people. 

His­to­rical Fencing is a con­tact sport and our sal­le is limi­ted in size. Our mem­bers come from all walks of life, so expo­su­re with risk groups is somet­hing we have to take serious­ly.

The­re­fo­re, the stee­ring com­mit­tee has deci­ded to res­tart  trai­ning acti­vi­ties and semi­nars with caveats detai­led below.  Due to the natu­re of the pan­de­mic in ques­tion, the stee­ring comit­tee refrains from issuing dates for res­to­ra­tion of regu­lar acti­vi­ties. 

Stee­ring com­mit­tee has elec­ted to lower the trai­ning fees for the sum­mer block to twen­ty (20) euros (€). Tho­se begin­ners who have alrea­dy paid the spring beginner’s class fees are per­mit­ted to train the remain­der of 2020 wit­hout furt­her costs. The class lea­der refunds are cancel­led for the sum­mer sea­son of 2020.

Gene­ral Instruc­tions:

  • Clas­ses resu­me on sum­mer sche­du­le for June-July. All spar­ring  is strict­ly pro­hi­bi­ted insi­de the sal­le during class days. Freeplay and spar­ring is per­mit­ted out­si­de the sal­le, and class days.
    • Wed­nes­day: Rapier 18:00 - 19:30
    • Thurs­day (18:00 -19:30): One class (60 minu­tes) with 30 minu­tes of free trai­ning, during which the wea­pons shall be rac­ked prior to Sabre
    • Thurs­day (19:30 - 20:30) after Fio­re: Sabre.
    • FKFC shall return, with sepa­ra­te events, with sepa­ra­te announce­ments
    • Sun­days, I.33, 90 minu­tes of trai­ning and 30 minu­tes of free trai­ning.
  • Begin­ners are welco­me to all clas­ses.
  • During sum­mer sea­son, we prac­tice out­si­de, weat­her per­mit­ting.
  • In the event of indoor clas­ses, safe­ty dis­tance is to be kept.
  • No one comes to clas­ses sick or with res­pi­ra­to­ry symp­toms. If you are sick, stay home.
  • Was­hing of hands befo­re and after clas­ses is man­da­to­ry.
  • Sal­le shall be aired befo­re and after indoor clas­ses
  • Regi­stra­tion to class via Myclub.
  • Com­mu­nal masks shall be reser­ved for spring begin­ners.
  • Salle’s clean-up is to be impro­ved. Hand­les shall be wiped befo­re and after clas­ses.

Concer­ning Dis­tance and inten­si­ty:

  • War­mup should be light.
  • Class lea­der shall moni­tor the two (2) meter rule between pairs and between fencers. This dis­tance shall obser­ved in in- and out­door clas­ses
  • Dag­ger and Wrest­ling are strict­ly pro­hi­bi­ted until 31.7.2020.
  • Locks and take­downs shall be avoi­ded in other wea­pons as well.
  • Clas­ses should concent­ra­te on tech­nique drills. Pair drills shall avoid clo­se ran­ge plays, favo­ring long dis­tance and shal­low tar­get plays. 
  • Freeplay and spar­ring indoors is strict­ly pro­hi­bi­ted on class days.

Regar­ding out­doors prac­ti­se you should con­si­der:

  • The sur­face is asp­halt, so bring appropria­te footwear. Bring with you an exerci­se mat or glo­ves if you intend to do pus­hups.
  • Pos­sibly win­dy or sun­ny con­di­tions. Dress appropria­te­ly.
  • Bring your own water bott­le.

Puheen­joh­ta­ja / Chair of Board,

-Mat­ti Lepo­mä­ki