Tero Alanko

Tero has been practicing historical fencing since 2001. Prior to HEMA he tried his hand in various eastern martial arts.  He teaches Fiore and Sabre classes.

Matti Lepomäki

Matti Has been practicing historical fencing since 2007. He teaches Fiore classes, with emphasis on dagger and wrestling.

Henry Vilhunen

Henry “The Duke” Vilhunen is the resident Reneissance man; for his skills are many. He teaches Fiore classes, but he loves Rapier.

Jan Kukkamäki

A knight all but in title, Jan has been an avid student of Historical Martial arts from the tender age of nine.

His main focus is Fiore longsword.

Mikko Mustajärvi

Mikko has studied various arms, systems of warfare and methods of fighting from various sources for better part of two decades. 2015, Mikko found his way to Historical Swordsmanship.

Currently, he teaches I.33 and in our school.

Janne Högdahl

An astute fencer and gentleman, Janne has studied the italian rapier systems for decade and share the burden of teaching of rapier with Henry.

Ville Henell

A fighter made, and a man of class;  Ville Henell has moved to his third decade of studying and practicing various arms and armaments.

Ville leads Fiore- and I.33 classes, with special emphasis in armoured combat.

Ilpo Luhtala

A gentleman and a scholar of many systems- Ilpo has been part of SHMS since the school founding in 2001.

He leads Fiore and sabre classes, with occasional broadsword lesson thrown in.