SHMS has migra­ted to MyClub as meme­bers­hip ser­vice. Our trai­ning fees and trai­ning groups are hand­led the­re. Fol­lowing fees are exempt from MyClub:  Mem­bers­hip fee is still paid as per norm to our account
- 10 and 1-time cards.

Join our school in

The SHMS annual mem­bers­hip fee is 20€, to be paid in Janua­ry, no conces­sions. This admin­stra­tion fee is not gover­ned by myclub ser­vice. Note also, that sports bank­no­tes (e.g. Eden­red) are not accep­ted as pay­ment for mem­bers­hip fee.

If in any doubt or you need a refe­rence num­ber, plea­se ask the trea­su­rer: laura.husu at

Pay­ments to the Suo­men His­to­rial­li­sen Miek­kai­lun Seu­ra Ry should go to this account: Nor­dea FI53 1015 3000 2149 03

Plea­se remem­ber to use your membership/reference num­ber, or explain in the mes­sa­ge field what it is for.

1 Year Training Fee 

Monthly Training Fee

Spring block fee (January- May)

Summer block fee (June-July)

Winter Block (August - December)

10-time card

1-time card

Students, unemployed and retired are entitled to concessions. See below list of recurring fees:

Monthly With Concession

Spring Block fee with Concession

Summer Block fee with Concession

Winter Block fee with Concession

10-time card with Concession