Covid Notice 31.1.2022

The regional state administrative agency of southern finland decreed on 31.1.2022 that the restrictions on exercise facilities are to be lessened. Shut down facilities may resume usage starting from 1.2.2022.

SHMS ry resumes training per the usual schedule starting from tuesday 1.2.2022. One must still follow restrictions regarding infection risk during close quarters contact. For this reason we will adhere to the following restrictions:

  • Participant count is restricted to 20 people.
    • Those wishing to join are requested to pre-register using MyClub.
    • Those who pre-register via MyClub take priority, if the participant count exceeds the limit.
    • Use of MyClub is also recommended for pre-registration, because the practise session may be canceled if there are no participants.
  • Wrestling and other close quarters techniques are forbidden for now.
  • Practise good hand hygiene at the salle.
  • Do not come to the salle if you have any symptoms of infection.
  • Use of a face mask is recommended.
  • Unnecessary stay at the salle outside of practise should be avoided.

Because of the current snow situation, the salle parking lot is partially out of use, and in the worst case scenario your car may get stuck. Those arriving to practise using a car should reserve extra time for finding parking.