Beginner’s Courses

Int­ro­duc­tion to His­to­rical Fencing 15 May - 6 June 2021

Luis­ka­tie 8, Helsinki
Price 50€ (35€ students)
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SHMS (Suo­men His­to­rial­li­sen Miek­kai­lun Seu­ra ry) offers an 4 week int­ro­duc­to­ry period in May at a special price. During the int­ro­duc­tion we orga­nize begin­ner cour­ses in Longsword, Rapier, Sabre and Sword & Buckler. The fee for the enti­re month is 50€ and you can attend the cour­ses you want - one, two or all of them. You can join clas­ses even if you miss first week.
Whe­ne­ver weat­her per­mits, prac­ti­se takes place out­si­de next to the sal­le. If weat­her does not allow for out­doors prac­ti­se, prac­ti­se will take place indoors. Insi­de we use face masks.

Longsword begin­ners cour­se on Tues­days 18:00-19:30 and Thurs­days 18:00-19:00.
Longsword cour­se teac­hes Ita­lian longsword- and dag­ger figh­ting basics, as Fio­re dei Libe­ri demon­stra­tes in his book: Il Fio­re De Bat­taglia (1410).

Rapier begin­ners cour­se on Wed­nes­days 18:00-19:30.
On Rapier Beginner’s Cour­se you will learn the basics of Ita­lian Rapier accor­ding to Grand Simu­lac­ra, writ­ten by Rido­fo Capo Fer­ro in 1610.

Sabre begin­ners cour­se on Thurs­days 19:30-20:30.
On the begin­ners’ cour­se you will learn the basics of mili­ta­ry sabre accor­ding to Char­les Roworth’s The Art of Defence on Foot with Broad Sword and Sabre (1804).

Sword and Buckler begin­ners’ cour­se on Sun­days 12:00-14:00.
Sword and Buckler begin­ners’ cour­se teac­hes the basics of figh­ting with sword and buckler. This inclu­des basic stances, footwork, attac­king and defen­ding with side sword and buckler. The cour­se inclu­des drills from Roy­al Armo­ry Manusc­ript I.33 (c.a. 1300 - 1320) and will pre­pa­re stu­dents to progress into spar­ring and freeplay.
You will need out/indoor sports atti­re and it is advi­sable to have a pair of glo­ves and a water bott­le. We’ll pro­vi­de all other neces­sa­ry equipment.