Tero Alanko

Tero has been prac­ticing his­to­rical fencing since 2001. Prior to HEMA he tried his hand in various eas­tern mar­tial arts.  He teac­hes Fio­re and Sabre classes. 

Tero is cur­rent  vice-chair­man of the school’s stee­ring committee .


Mat­ti Has been prac­ticing his­to­rical fencing since 2007. He teac­hes Fio­re clas­ses, with emp­ha­sis on dag­ger and wrestling. 

Mat­ti is cur­rent chair­man of the school’s stee­ring committee .

Henry Vilhunen

Hen­ry “The Duke” Vil­hu­nen is the resi­dent Reneis­sance man; for his skills are many. He teac­hes Fio­re clas­ses, but he loves Rapier. 

Jan Kukkamäki

A knight all but in tit­le, Jan has been an avid stu­dent of His­to­rical Mar­tial arts from the ten­der age of nine. 

His main focus is Fio­re longsword.

Mikko Mustajärvi

Mik­ko has stu­died various arms, sys­tems of war­fa­re and met­hods of figh­ting from various sources for bet­ter part of two deca­des. 2015, Mik­ko found his way to His­to­rical Swordsmanship. 

Cur­rent­ly, he teac­hes I.33 and in our school. 

Janne Höghdahl

An astu­te fencer and gent­le­man, Jan­ne has stu­died the ita­lian rapier sys­tems for deca­de and sha­re the bur­den of teac­hing of rapier with Henry. 

Ville Henell

A figh­ter made, and a man of class;  Vil­le Henell has moved to his third deca­de of stu­dying and prac­ticing various arms and armaments. 

Vil­le leads Fio­re- and I.33 clas­ses, with special emp­ha­sis in armou­red combat.

Ilpo Luhtala

A gent­le­man and a scho­lar of many sys­tems- Ilpo has been part of SHMS since the school foun­ding in 2001. 

He leads Fio­re and sabre clas­ses, with occa­sio­nal broadsword les­son thrown in.