Autumn bulletin 2022

Training schedule change

The club is returning to its normal training schedule starting 1.8.2022, so monday and tuesday training will be resuming.

We are happy to get Joeli Takala running our thursday Fiore practise for August and September. During this practise there will be more than usual wrestling, which we have been neglecting during the pandemic. The tatami mats we have acquired for the club will help with wrestling practise.

Autumn block starting

The training card valid from August to December is being sold now. Remember to also make sure you have paid the club membership fee of 2022. If you participated in the beginners’ course in 2022, the course fee already included your membership fee.

Beginners’ courses

Starting 6.9 we are organizing beginners’ courses for all weapons. The courses will last for 6 weeks, and especially for the first sessions we are expecting lots of attendees. During this time it is recommended to attend either the thursday Fiore classes, or the monday 1-handed weapon classes, which are expected to have fewer attendees.

Named loaner masks

The named loaner masks will be returned back to common use starting from September, and only new beginners’ course attendees will receive named loaners. Others are encouraged to acquire their own masks, or to use un-named loaners.

For basic use (pair drills and light and slow sparring) any 350 newton fencing mask will suffice. For sparring it is however recommended that you get at least an 800 newton mask which is intended for HEMA use. HEMA masks are also recommended for normal practise.

Feel free to ask in Whasapp, email or during practise for recommendations on what type of mask to get.

You can also get masks from e.g. the following places:

If you order from here, set your fencing club as SHMS

The club has access to a 10% discount code at Rautaportti. Ask more about this during e.g. practise.

The steering committee for 2023

Our club runs on the efforts of volunteers, and the steering committee requires active members. If you are interested in administrative club activities, your help is very welcome. Let your interest be known by Tero, Rasmus, Henry, Aleksi, Harri or Tuomas.