SHMS Birthday Party

On Satur­day 16th March at 19:00-> we are proud to be having our belo­ved school’s 18th birth­day par­ty at the Salle!

Dr. Guy Wind­sor will also be pre­sent on this joy­ous occasion!

Bring food, drinks and friends with you! Also people who have been part of the schools his­to­ry are warm­ly welco­me. Bring a bott­le of sparkling wine with you and we will teach you how to open it with a sword (no plas­tic corks)!

Do not miss this oppor­tu­ni­ty to celebra­te the his­to­ry and ongoing success of The School of Euro­pean Swordmanship!

Miek­kai­lu­kou­lun 18v. syn­ty­mä­päi­vä­juh­lat vie­te­tään salil­la lau­an­tai­na 16.3.2019 klo.19 alkaen. Kaik­ki mukaan!

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