Wednesdays 18.00-19.30

Cost: Free for paying members.

Head Teac­her: Hen­ry Vilhunen

On 2020 autumn, we do not offer Rapier begin­ner’s class. Ins­tead, if you are inte­res­ted to begin lear­ning rapier, con­tact and check with our Head Teac­her how to induct your­self to our regu­lar classes.

Our Rapier clas­ses are based on Grand Simu­lac­ra, writ­ten by Rido­fo Capo Fer­ro in 1610.

You will only need indoor trai­ning clot­hes. We train in light colou­red t-shirt, dark sports trousers andindoor trai­ning shoes. Due to special circums­tances, we also expect the trai­nee to have their own glo­ves: Work-, gar­de­ning, or just any basic gloves.

Due to Covid-19 restric­tions, we’ll issue desig­na­ted masks at first class.

We will lend you all the other neces­sa­ry equipment.

Inte­res­ted? Plea­se con­tact