Tuesdays from 10.3.2020 to 12.05.2020, 18.00-19.00

Cost: 110€ (70€ for stu­dents, unemplo­yed). Free for paying mem­bers.

Sign up: info@miekkakoulu.fi

Head Teac­her: Ilpo Luh­ta­la

On Medie­val Longsword Beginner’s Cour­se you will learn the basics if Ita­lian longsword and dag­ger accor­ding to Il Fior di Bat­taglia, writ­ten by Fio­re dei Libe­ri in 1410).

You will only need indoor trai­ning clot­hes. We train in light colou­red t-shirt, dark sports trousers and indoor trai­ning shoes. We will lend you all the other neces­sa­ry equip­ment.

You can join the first class of the beginner´s cour­se free of chan­ge. After the first class you can deci­de if you want to con­ti­nue and pay the cour­se fee. You can join the beginne´s cour­se even if you miss the first class. In you want to join the beginner´s cour­se, but you will miss more than the first class, plea­se con­tact us info@miekkakoulu.fi.

During the beginner´s cour­se you can par­tici­pa­te in all the other beginner´s cour­ses. You will only have to pay for on beginner´s cour­se at a time. Tho­se on the Medie­val Longsword Beginner’s Cour­se can also join Fio­re basic class on Thurs­days. Beginner´s cource fee inclu­des annual mem­bers­hip fee of Suo­men His­to­rial­li­sen Miek­kai­lun Seu­ra ry.