Sword & Buckler Beginners Course

Sundays 06.09.2020 – 18.10.2020 12.00-14.00

Cost: 50€ (60€ for students, unemployed). Free for paying members. This autumn, we have one fee, which covers all beginner’s courses.

Sign up: info@miekkakoulu.fi

Head Teacher: Mikko Mustajärvi

Sword and Buckler Beginners Course will teach the basics of fighting with sword and buckler. This includes basic stances, footwork, attacking and defending yourself with arming sword and buckler. The course will include pair drills using techniques from Royal Armory Manuscript I.33 (c. year 1300 – 1320) and will prepare students for progress into freeplay with sword and buckler.

You will only need indoor training clothes. We train in light coloured t-shirt, dark sports trousers and indoor training shoes.

Due to special circumstances, we also expect the trainee to have their own gloves: Work-, gardening, or just basic gloves.

We will lend you all the other necessary equipment. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’ll issue designated masks at first class.

You can join the first class of the beginner´s course free of change. After the first class you can decide if you want to continue and pay the course fee. You can join the beginne´rs course even if you miss the first class. In you want to join the beginner´s course, but you will miss more than the first class, please contact us info@www.miekkakoulu.fi.

During the beginner´s course you can participate in all the other beginner´s courses. You will only have to pay for on beginner´s course at a time. Those on the Medieval Longsword Beginner’s Course can also join Fiore basic class on Thursdays. Beginner´s cource fee includes annual membership fee of Suomen Historiallisen Miekkailun Seura ry.