Rapier beginner’s course

Wednesdays 18.00-19.30 25.8 – 29.9.2021

Cost: Free for paying members. The fee for the course is 50€ (35€ students) and you can attend the courses you want – one, two or all of them. You can join the classes even if you miss first week. If you want to start after the second week, please contact SHMS via email.

Head Teacher: Henry Vilhunen

Our Rapier classes are based on Grand Simulacra, written by Ridofo Capo Ferro in 1610.

You will only need indoor training clothes. We train in light coloured t-shirt, dark sports trousers andindoor training shoes. Due to special circumstances, we also expect the trainee to have their own gloves: Work-, gardening, or just any basic gloves.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’ll issue designated masks at first class.

We will lend you all the other necessary equipment.

Interested? Please contact info@miekkakoulu.fi

Please remember basic health recommendations and do not attend training sick or if you have symptoms.

If the courses are cancelled due public authority regulation, paid course fees are valid for next beginners courses.