Beginner’s Course Autumn 2020

Beginner’s Clas­ses for his­to­rical fencing

Price: 50€ (35 euros for stu­dents and unemplo­yed). Free for stu­dents whom have paid trai­ning fees. Price covers all beginner’s cour­se , so one fee covers all of our trai­ning sessions.

First les­son is free. After first les­son you can deci­de if you con­ti­nue on class and pay the par­tici­pa­tion fee. You can still par­tici­pa­te, even if you miss the first class.  If you are inte­res­ted in begin­ning his­to­rical fencing, but the time sche­du­le is not sui­table for you or you are inte­res­ted in get­ting star­ted at once, con­tact

Beginner’s cour­se fee also covers the first year Suo­men Histrio­al­li­sen Miek­kai­lun Seu­ran associa­tion mem­bers­hip fee.

Place: SHMS Sal­le, Luis­ka­tie 8, Helsinki

Sche­du­le for autumn beginner’s cour­ses are as follows:

Longsword: 1.9.2020 – 24.9.2020, Tues­days 18:00 – 19:30, Thurs­days 18:00 – 19:30

Sabre: 3.9.2020 – 24.9.2020, Thurs­days, 19:30 – 20:30

Sword and Buckler: 6.9.2020 – 18.10.2020, Sun­days 12:00 – 14:00

Beginner’s Class for Rapier is omit­ted from Autumn 2020 les­son plan, but during the beginner’s class dura­tion, begin­ners are encou­ra­ged also to par­tici­pa­te to rapier clas­ses 18:00 – 19:30

It would be advi­sable, and pre­fe­rable to sign up to beginner’s clas­ses with email to, but you can also just show-up and par­tici­pa­te, if class has room available.

Beginner’s cour­se contents:

Longsword teac­hes Ita­lian Longsword- and dag­ger figh­ting basics, as Fio­re dei Libe­ri demon­stra­tes in his book: Il Fio­re De Bat­taglia (1410). Tuesday’s les­sons cover basics and on Thurs­days you can apply Tuesday’s les­sons with more advanced students.

Sabre clas­ses teac­hes The Art of Defence on Foot with Broad Sword and Sabre, writ­ten 1804 by Char­les Roworth.

Sword and Buckler teac­hes basics of figh­ting with a side sword and a small shield (buckler). Class syl­la­bus is Roayl Armo­ries I.33 (c.a. 1300-1320), which pre­pa­res the stu­dent for spar­ring and freeplay.

Rapier syl­la­bus bases on Ridol­fo Capo­fer­ros’ “Gran Simu­lac­ro dell’arte e dell’uso del­la Scher­ma”, or “Great Repre­sen­ta­tion of the Art and Use of Fencing”, from 1610. The class also draws mate­rial from Capoferro’s con­tem­po­ra­ry mas­ters such as Sal­va­tor Fabris and Nico­let­to Giganti.


All you need is indoor sports atti­re, and it is advi­sable to have a pair of your own glo­ves, and a drin­king bott­le of your own.  Our atti­re con­sists of black track­suit pants, whi­te t-shirt, and indoor sports shoes. Due to special circums­tances, we also expect the trai­nee to have their own glo­ves: Work-, gar­de­ning, or just any basic gloves.

Our sal­le has other gear at student’s dis­po­sal. Due to Covid-19 restric­tions, we’ll issue desig­na­ted masks at first class.